BRAI Modified Bitumen

BRAI Modified Bitumen Manufacturers Albuquerque

Santa Fe Bitumen Roof Installation

GAF Modified Bitumen roofing material is a great choice for all type of roofing projects. It is a rubberized modified bitumen mix roofing application and is light-weight and can be installed over your existing roofing without removing the existing roofing material. We also provide the Modified Bitumen Roofing Installation services at affordable cost and to install Modified bitumen roofing, we employ hot a welding method or a hot bitumen mix. To further reinforce, we can use a layer of a polyester sheet to provide protection against tearing and splitting. It also has a tough design so that it can be used for regular roof maintenance projects. GAF Modified Bitumen roofing material also finds great application in areas where bitumen mix fumes are not allowed and will make a great choice for New Mexico’s weather conditions.