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Big D Enterprises Roofing & Construction Services, a well-known Metal Roofing Supplier in Albuquerque, New Mexico uses the highest quality metal roofing materials in a variety of profiles, substrates, and colors, produced by Fabral Metal Roof Systems. In 1979, Fabral introduced the original 9″ on-center profile—Grandrib 3®, which became so popular that it is used as an industry benchmark. Even today, Grandrib 3® and Grandrib 3 Plus® are two of the most flexible steel panels available. The remarkably designed profile and extreme steel development are sufficiently tough to give durable magnificence to your Residential Metal Roofs in even the harshest of weather conditions.

The 9″ on-center panels are tested at a high-pressure test of 80,000 psi for the 36″ overall coverage with 3/4” ribs. Grandrib 3® and Grandrib 3 Plus® additionally brag predominant rain-carrying capacity got from a anti-siphon side lap, and are supported by a galvanized layer that meets or surpasses ASTM A653 and A 924 guidelines.

Superior Color Performance<

Grandrib 3® and Grandrib 3 Plus® are available in wide array of selection in different colors. Super Alurite 2000® uses just ceramic and select inorganic shades for unrivaled color results, giving your metal Residential Metal Roofs top extraordinary chalk and blur resistance for a considerable length of time of good color shade maintenance.

Concealed Fastener (Standing Seam) Metal Roofs

Big D Enterprises Roofing & Construction Services utilizes Meridian rooftop boards which utilize a snap together, covered, clipless latch framework. Meridian rooftop boards are intended for the elite with the great look of an interlocking framework. These rooftop boards are weatherproof and can withstand extreme weather conditions of heat, cold & hail. They are highly energy proficient, comes with up to 40 years warranty and comes in an array of different shades.