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When is a New Roof or Repair Necessary?

Certain events demand you to reach out to a roofing expert such as when a tree crashes through your home or even worse. If however, you’re unsure a visit from a contractor is warranted, here are a few signs it’s time to give your roof some attention.

Obvious Damage

The easiest way to tell if your roof needs repair or replacement is to look at it. You should be able to spot broken or missing shingles. Look for subtle signs, such as roof tiles curling or damage around corners and chimneys. Inconsistent coloring could indicate mold or water damage.

Not Doing its Job

Your roof is supposed to protect you from environmental elements. If you find water in your home after a rainstorm or feel a draft on cold days, it may mean there are gaps in your roof panels or other problems. A good place to check is your basement or the uppermost level of your property. Try turning out the lights during the day and checking for signs of sunlight breaking through your roof. You can also check your energy bill. When you feel like you pay too much for heat or cooling, roof repairs could help you cut costs.

After a major weather event

You should always inspect your roof for signs of damage after a major weather event. The Wind can blow shingles off your property and hail is a common cause of dents or breakage. If your home suffers from a fire, you need to check for internal structural damage as soon as possible.

Warranty Expires

All roof materials, even metal shingles, and panels have an expiration date. If you’ve had your roof for over 20 years, you should consider having a professional give it a full inspection. Problems aren’t always obvious, but you can check your original contractor statements for when it’s time to reevaluate the work.

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