TPO/PVC Single Ply Membrane

TPO/PVC Membrane Installation in Santa Fe & Albuquerque, NM

Santa Fe TPO/PVC Single Ply Membrane Installation

TPOs are the latest roofing membranes that combine features of two popular single ply membranes EPDM and PVC. These two types of single ply membrane roofing systems provide a host of benefits for various weather conditions. It also provides resistance against tear, puncture and chemicals. TPO systems (TPO Single Ply Membrane) also has proven results for heat-welded seam integrity and offer energy savings.

TPO membranes (TPO Single Ply Membrane) comes in a variety of colors including white as the white roof can offer cost savings with white TPO membranes. This has been validated by the convenient methods provided by US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge national laboratory. Depending on your location, the cost savings can be as high as 30-50% or even more off the original cost to install the white roof.

Furthermore, since TPOs are PVC Single Ply Roofing Membranes are a genuine thermoplastic material, they don’t cure after introduction to the elements, and they stay hot-air weldable all through their life. Moreover, TPO membranes or PVC Single Ply Roofing Membrane are very impervious to an assortment of chemicals and materials, including matured black-top.